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Armor My PC

There are many hazards along the internet superhighway, from viruses to worms and predators. In most cases, it is up to you to defend yourself and your family. This makes it difficult if you havenít spent years learning about computers. Many families spend hundreds or, even thousands, of dollars, every year, to have someone set their computer up so that it is immune to attacks. If you donít have years of training in computer science, Armor My PC is perfect for you.

Hereís what we do:

Classes in your area:

Armor My PC conducts classes in how to defend your PC. At each class, we have a team of instructors who have approximately one hundred years of cumulative knowledge. We make learning fun! Just check the Course Schedule to see when the Armor My PC team of instructors will be in your area!

Online Classes:

If our team of instructors is not scheduled to teach a class in your area soon, you can take an online course! Check out the Armor My PC Online Course.

Armor My PC CD-Rom:

Whether you are taking a course in person, or online, you are going to love the Armor My PC cd-rom, because it contains great information and helps you to choose between all the software solutions that will help you to protect your PC from attack. Most of the software is available for FREE. We donít just tell you how you can get the software, but we tell you how you can safely surf to the site. In fact, whereever possible, we have even included many of the software titles right on the CD-Rom! Go to Software.

The Armor My PC Advisor:

The Armor My PC Advice Column is ready to answer your questions! Go to Advisor for the latest column.

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